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Full Mouth Restoration

Full Mouth Restoration in Thousand Oaks - Replace One or More Missing Teeth - Smile Enhancement

Missing and damaged teeth can lead to discomfort and impact the short and long-term health and function of the bite. At Muntean Dentistry, we are committed to enhancing our patients’ quality of life by providing restorations that not only repair bite function, but help them regain confidence in their smiles.

To schedule your exam and consultation for full-mouth rehabilitation in Thousand Oaks, contact Dr. Sorin Muntean and his team today.

Individualized and Aesthetic Treatment

When providing full-mouth restoration services, we ensure that your selected treatment plan best meets your functional and aesthetic goals. Dr. Muntean meets with each patient individually to understand their personal needs and explain treatments available to help them achieve a healthy smile.

We never press for excessive treatment and tailor each restoration to enhance patient comfort and confidence. Prior to treatment, we provide care to alleviate periodontal disease or dental discomfort. We also help patients see the potential results of their care options using wax mockups of their teeth.

Selecting your Restorative Treatment

Depending on the needs of our patients, we provide a number of cosmetic restorations. Dr. Muntean works with a team of dental specialists to ensure patients achieve optimal results through comprehensive care. The treatment plan to completely restore and enhance your smile can include any of the following:  

Crowns: For patients in need of root canals or repairs for teeth damaged by decay or physical trauma, we provide durable and aesthetic crowns. These restorations are matched to the shade of the neighboring teeth, allowing patients to achieve a seamless and healthy smile.

Fixed Bridges: As the traditional restoration for replacing one or more missing teeth, fixed bridges are anchored by crowns. This dental prosthetic restores bite balance and prevents the discomfort that can arise from missing teeth.

Dental Implants: Dental implants are second only to natural teeth in aesthetic and function, and are the only teeth replacement option that supports the long-term health of the jaw. Dr. Muntean works with periodontal and surgical specialists to ensure that implants are placed for predictable results. Once integrated, implants support prosthetics for one or more missing teeth. Implant-supported restorations are unrivaled in stability and aesthetic, restoring patients’ bite function and appearance.

Dentures: If patients are missing most or all of the teeth in an arch, dentures are an excellent, cost-effective choice to restore the ability to eat and speak. View our dentures page to learn more about the full, partial, and implant-supported dentures available at our practice.

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Whether you need crowns for multiple teeth, or implant-supported dentures so you can smile and chew, contact Muntean Dentistry today. We provide comprehensive full-mouth restoration for patients throughout Thousand Oaks and the neighboring communities. 


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